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Afex Currency Broker is a specialist in international transfers. Whether you need to buy or sell foreign currencies or to pay international credits cards, we can help you. In this blog, we explain to you each one of our services for you to make the correct decision when making your transactions.

We have services that cover your needs and we offer the best prices of the market. With us, you can:

  • Make international bank transfers:

It is a rapid and simple way of making transfers from Chile to other countries. We make the transaction via SWIFT (abbreviation of Society for World Interbank Financial Telecommunication, a cooperative of financial companies, mainly banks, to which it provides services). This proves the irrevocable completion of an international transfer and provides safety (and information) to the recipient.

This product allows you to make payments to more than 60 countries. This is an advantage when paying to your vendors around the world. Make your investment grow. All of this in a rapid, simple and convenient way at a very competitive price.

With our personalized service, you will be updated about every step of your transaction. This way, the statement of your transaction will be visible from the beginning until the sending out of the Swift file. You may also access the follow-up portal to download all the documentation you need related to your money transactions.

You can make transfers in three simple steps with us:

  1. After registering with us, create your remittance; choose the amount and enter your vendor’s data through your assigned executive.
  2. Pay your sending through bank transfer.
  3. Finally, follow up your transaction through the portal or the notification emails sent by our system.

Perform with us:

  • Payment of imports.
  • Payment of services in dollars.
  • Transfers to foreign companies.
  • Payments to relatives abroad.
  • Payment of international studies.
  • Transfers to individual accounts.
  • Currency market

We cover all your payment needs, because we work with more than 100 different currencies. Exports are easy with us. We are specialists in currency exchange in Chile. We have tailored solutions for you.

The purchase and sale of currency is a simple operation, which involves buying a currency and selling another one at the same time. It is a transaction between two parties, where one of them commits itself to sell and the other one to buy based on the relative offer and demand.

Through a complete transaction, we perform currency exchange in Chile for domestic operations and transactions to foreign countries. This way, we create advantageous links to do business. The most important for us is your satisfaction with our service, so we will be calculating the currency exchange in every process.

We cover your needs of national payments in dollars and euros. You can pay to forwarders, customs agencies, insurances companies and perform any type of deposits in national and international current accounts in a rapid and safe way.

With us, you will be able to:

  • Settle your export returns from financial services.
  • Receive foreign funds in more than 20 currencies from an export payment.
  • Buy USD and EUR for deposits in national accounts.
  • Enter currencies from abroad under the Compendium of Foreign Exchange Regulations.
  • AMEX Payments

In AFEX AV, we have tailored solutions for you. For the payment of your Corporate American Express card in Chile or in any other place, you may use our payment portal. Our service facilitates your payments in a rapid, practical and 100% reliable way. Pay your American Express card with a 100% transparent and efficient service, much cheaper than banks. Now is far easier to pay your American Express credit card in dollars, even from another bank with which you are associated.

From our friendly platform, with any technological device you may:

  • Pay your corporate AMEX card in dollars from any place in less than 24 h during the 7 days of the week.
  • Add additional AMEX cards from the same user.
  • Check your payment history.
  • Payment of international credit cards:

In AFEX AV, we have a system for easily paying your credit cards in dollars. We are interested in your satisfaction and we care to deliver what you are looking for. We will help you to pay your credit card in dollars! The most important thing is that your money should be safe and that is not a problem for us, since we offer 100% reliable national and international transactions

Request the payment of your credit cards in dollars issued in Chile with our associated banks. Remember that Afex Currency Broker is a specialist in the payment of credit cards, providing a rapid and personalized service to the client with prices significantly lower than in banks

  • Get the best exchange rate
  • Control card payment and pay on time with Afex AV

Now it is much easier to pay your credit cards in dollars, even from any other bank with which you are associated. These may be Banco de Chile, BCI, Santander, Itaú and Scotiabank.

  • Currency Forward

You may have this service in AFEX AV, since we are a Currency Broker regulated by the FMC and members of the formal exchange market. We have the solution and we use it consciously and strategically for you to have exchange coverage within volatile scenarios. Anticipate the market and plan your import costs or returns.

With the Currency Forward, you may:

  • Schedule your annual budget.
  • Eliminate uncertainty in terms of exchange rate variation.
  • Have amounts and terms of your choice.

Our services come along with a personalized service, since we assign a specialized executive to you to give you a better experience. We are specialists with more than 40 years of experience and we work with more than 100 foreign currencies at competitive prices.

Contact us in case of any question or requirement. Become an AFEX’s client.

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