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Pay your American Express cards in our platform in a rapid and safe way through our Payment Portal.

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In AFEX AV we have the tailored solutions that you need, so pay your Corporate American Express card in Chile or in any other place through our payment portal. We are here to help you. Our service aims to facilitate your payments in a fast, practical and 100% reliable way.

Perform your American express card payments with a 100% transparent and efficient service far cheaper than banks. Now it is much easier to pay your American Credit card in dollars, even from another bank with which you are associated.

Aside from international transfers, we have many more transactions that can help you to get closer to your vendors and keep your budget in order. Likewise, it should be stressed that the payment of your American Express cards in dollars is a solution that we have implemented to make your life easier. Yes, because it is an effective process, which only takes a few minutes and through internet.

When paying your Corporate American Express card you will never be dissatisfied with the foreign currency exchange charges, because in AFEX AV you will not be overcharged. Do not worry! Leave your money in our good hands.

More about paying your Credit Card online

We invite you to find out more about the payment process of your American Express cards through internet. Since we care about your comfortability, you may easily access to this transaction in our platform with any technological device. Do not entangle in long and complex processes, we offer fast and safe services.

Read here how to pay your American Express card:

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We have an efficient channel that helps all our customers to perform their transaction through internet. You only have to register with us and you will obtain all our services in a personalized way.

Where can I pay my American Express cards?

You may pay American Express credit cards in a simple and safe manner, because we are specialists in paying your Corporate American Express card in dollars.

How can I pay my American Express card through Internet?

You can pay your American Express credit card in our platform in a rapid and safe way. You should only access it and request the payment of your American Express card in dollars, with the currency and exchange rate that you need.

  • 100% simple, reliable and safe
  • It can be performed online
  • Friendly with any technological device

All what you can do when paying your American Express Card

If you wish to pay your American Express credit card, we have the perfect solution for you. We work hard to offer the best system of all at a very competitive price. Enjoy your American Express cards safely and AFEX AV will take care of the rest. Choose us!

  • Pay your corporate AMEX card from anywhere in less than 24 h during the 7 days of the week
  • You may add more AMEX cards from the same user
  • You may be able to check your payment history

Why Choosing us to Pay your American Express card?

You should choose us to pay your American Express card because of our completely professional way of operating and working. This way, anything you set out to do will be rapid, safe and effective, as well as reliable. We are enthusiastic of presenting every service we offer, since we are experts in this matter, we solve any situation presented to us and we have the lowest prices in the market. We will help you!

Dou you want to become our client or have any doubt?

Send to us all your inquiries, doubts or questions about when to pay your credit card, how to pay it and where to pay your American Express. We will readily answer all your questions. The important thing is that you get a clear idea of what is the most convenient option for you in good time.

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