Pay your dollar credit cards

Pay your international credit cards with amounts in dollars at our Payment Portal in a rapid and safe way.

Pay your Credit Cards Online Here!

In AFEX AV we have the most convenient way to pay your credit cards, mainly because we offer a complete service that only takes a few minutes.

You will not have to go through long, tedious and expensive processes. You will now receive a personalized service at any moment.

We do not only do international bank transfers, but many further transactions that help you get closer to your vendors and keep your budget in order. Likewise, it should be stressed that the payment of your dollar credit cards is a solution that we have implemented to make your life easier. Yes, because it is an effective process through internet, which only takes a few minutes.

We invite you to pay your credit cards online with a 100% transparent and efficient service, which is far cheaper than Banks. Now it is much easier to pay your credit cards in dollars, even from any other bank with which you are associated. These may be Banco de Chile, BCI, Santander, Itaú and Scotiabank.

Know everything about how to pay your Credit Cards

In AFEX AV we have a system for easily paying your credit cards in dollars. We are interested in your satisfaction and we care to deliver what you are looking for. We will help you to pay your credit card in dollars! The most important thing is that your money should be safe and this is not a problem for us, since we offer 100% reliable national and international transactions.

How to pay your Credit Card?

If you want to pay your credit card, like the Visa credit card, with us, you just have to register with us. Because we have the option to pay your dollar credit cards through Afex AV

Where can you pay my credit card online?

In AFEX AV you can pay your credit cards, Visa and others with our associated banks. Since we are specialists, we have the perfect online channel through which you can conduct all the transactions you wish in a rapid and safe way.

When can you pay your credit card?

Whenever you need to pay your credit cards, we will be in touch with you to provide the best service. Thanks to our personalized transactions, you will rapidly obtain results and through internet! It is that easy and simple! Get in touch with us!

  • 100% sencillo, confiable y seguro
  • It can be done online
  • Friendly with any technological device

All what you can do when paying your Credit Cards

Request the payment of your credit cards in dollars issued in Chile with our associated banks. Remember that Afex AV is a specialist in the payment of credit cards, providing a rapid and personalized service to the client with prices significantly lower than in banks.

  • Get the best exchange rate
  • Control card payment and pay on time with Afex AV

Why choosing us to pay your Credit card?

You should choose us to pay your dollar credit cards because of our completely professional way of operating and working. This way, anything you set out to do will be rapid, safe and effective, as well as reliable. We are enthusiastic of presenting every service we offer, since we are experts in this matter, we solve any situation presented to us and we have the lowest prices in the market. We will help you!

Dou you want to become our Client, or do you have any doubt about the payment of your Credit card?

We can rapidly solve your requirements at a low cost. Do you have any specific need?