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Financial Services

AFEX AV is a financial service company since 1978. It is regulated by the Financial Market Commission and is part of the Formal Exchange Market, regulated by the Central Bank of Chile and is based on a quality and personalized service policy, generating reliability, comfortability and safety.

Quality commitment

In AFEX AV we are committed to a quality, reliable, fast and safe service. We have a qualified team aligned with our value proposal. This way we involve the stakeholders in the continuous improvement of our internal processes, while observing the legal and regulatory requirements established by the industry.


To position ourselves within the Chilean market as the leading specialists in international payments, purchase and sale of documents in foreign currency and exchange risk coverage. In order to fulfill this mission we must perform rapid payments, maintaining low costs, and provide a customized service, without intermediaries and with rapid responses to our clients’ concerns, keeping customer loyalty. Operational processes should be simple, reliable, high-tech and certified.


To be a company recognized by its quality, reputation and professionalism. To offer these services in an innovative way to segments of specific markets, small and medium enterprises and natural persons.

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Our value proposal:

Loyalty to clients and vendors
Safety and Speed
Respect for the people and the job